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How to manage your depression

Depression is a serious illness and should be approached as such. But, you do not need to live with depression, as there are a variety of effective treatments available. It’s also important to note that you’re not alone; every year more than 16 million Americans experience a major depressive episode.

We recommend you discuss your symptoms with a primary care physician or trained mental health professional (we have both at K Health), as treatment varies on an individual basis. Similar to anxiety, treatment plans for depression come in the form of talk therapy, medications, or both.

In therapy, the goal is to identify the unique negative thought patterns that are triggering depressive feelings, then utilize certain skills to change those patterns and ultimately feel (and think) better. The typical length of time for therapy is 3-4 months of consistent sessions.

Medication is typically prescribed by a primary care physician or psychiatrist. You can speak with a primary care physician about starting an antidepressant prior to being referred to a psychiatrist, and can do this in the K Health app.

The team at K has created a list of self-help tools for depression, which you may find helpful as well. It will take some time to find the right combination that works for you, whether that’s through talk therapy, medication, or both.

Here at K Health, the doctors can discuss treatment options and write prescriptions for common depression medications. The best way to find out what treatment plan is best for you is to start a free assessment.

Edo Paz, MD

Edo Paz is the VP of Medical at K Health. Dr. Paz has two degrees in chemistry from Harvard and an MD from Columbia University. He did his medical training in internal medicine and cardiology at New York-Presbyterian. In addition to his work at K Health, Dr. Paz is a cardiologist at Heartbeat Health, a cardiology practice located in New York City.