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When to see a doctor for an Upper Respiratory Infection

We recommend you see a doctor if you have shortness of breath, if symptoms persist for more than 10 days or if you have a fever lasting more than 2 days (despite taking fever meds). Some over-the-counter meds that will help suppress symptoms are Tylenol Cold, Robitussin DM, and Vicks DayQuil. Otherwise, we recommend rest, fluids and, if symptoms persist or worsen, text with a doctor and continue the conversation with K.

Allon Mordel, MD

Allon Mordel is the Medical Director at K Health as well as an Attending Physician in the Emergency Departments of NYU Langone Hospital & Bellevue Hospital Center. Dr. Mordel is a graduate of the University of Georgia and served as an EMT for the city and county services. He was accepted into residency at the NYU/ Bellevue Emergency Medicine Residency Program where he distinguished himself and became Chief Resident on his way to becoming an Attending Physician.