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Chat with a board-certified doctor on demand who can diagnose, prescribe medication, handle refills, and more for as low as $9/month (or $19 for a one-time visit).

Instant access to the care you need

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week to see a doctor. Urgent care is expensive and traditional primary care practices aren’t always accessible. With K Health, all those barriers disappear and you can text with a doctor on demand through our mobile app. K Health line doctors will get you on your way to feeling better, faster.


Text with a doctor—no insurance required

One time visit

Not feeling well? Text with a doctor within minutes for just $19. Your visit includes unlimited check-ins and follow-ups for 3 days.

Unlimited visits

Want to know you’re always covered? Sign up for unlimited access to doctors who can diagnose and prescribe medication—just $9/month.

Better doctors mean better care

We are incredibly proud of the 100+ doctors that are part of the K family. Many of our doctors have been trained at top medical schools like Harvard and Columbia. Most importantly, all of them are committed to providing you with the highest level of care.

Dr. Maya Leventer-Roberts, MD

Sr. Director, Medical
Yale University School of Medicine
Wesleyan University

Dr. Lee Herzog, MD

Princeton University
Mount Sinai Medical School

Dr. Jonathan Hinds, MD

Lead Physician
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Baystate Medical Center

Dr. Daniel Souroujon, MD

VP, Medical Sciences
Tel Aviv University School of Medicine

Dr. David Shafran, MD

Head of Pediatrics
Sackler School of Medicine
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Keri McFarlane, MD

Lead Physician
Brody School of Medicine
Bayfront Medical Center

Dr. Amichai Perlman, PhD, PharMD

Pharma Domain Expert
The Hebrew University

How it works

Tell K what’s bothering you

K will investigate the details of your symptoms and account for important factors like your medical history, age, and gender. Then, a board-certified doctor sees K’s initial assessment and starts your conversation briefed on your background.

Connect with a doctor online, in minutes

Doctors can prescribe medication, give you referrals, order lab tests, write sick notes, or just provide reassurance—all via text. Chat with an online doctor now for $19 or sign up for ongoing care through our membership for only $9/month.


Text with a doctor for less than a copay