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Text with board-certified doctors who can diagnose you and send you a prescription online right to your pharmacy for as low as $9/month.

* See details on what we prescribe and treat here

Immediate access to the prescriptions you need

Whether you woke up with an infection or realized you need a refill on your medication, we’ve got you covered. With K Health you can text with a doctor who can diagnose you and get you a prescription online. Whether you need antibiotics or antidepressants, K Health doctors will thoroughly evaluate you and provide you with the best course of treatment.


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One time visit

Not feeling well? Text with a doctor within minutes for just $19. Includes unlimited check-ins and follow-ups for 1 week.

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Want to know you’re always covered? Sign up for unlimited access to doctors who can diagnose and prescribe medication for just $9/month.


Can I get a prescription online through the K Health app?

Yes! Your K-affiliated doctor will evaluate you to determine what prescription, if any, is appropriate. Once a doctor determines you need a prescription, he or she will send it to your local pharmacy or mail it to your door, if available.

Learn more about what we treat and what prescriptions we provide here.

Can I get a prescription refill online through the K Health app?

Yes! Learn more about our refill policy here.

How do I get my prescription?

If one of our K-Affiliated doctors believe it to be medically appropriate, they will write a prescription to a local pharmacy of your choosing. To get a prescription you will be required to submit the following information:

  1. Your home address
  2. The address and name of the pharmacy you want the prescription sent to
  3. A selfie to confirm verify against your submitted ID

If you are enrolled in our anxiety and depression management program please see here for prescription information.

Can I get a prescription for anxiety or depression from K Health?

Yes! Our approach mirrors the primary care experience. You’ll start with a conversation with K and learn how others like you were treated. You’ll then connect with a doctor who can diagnose your condition and its severity and provide a comprehensive treatment plan that may include some combination of self-guided behavioral health resources, medications, and/or referral to a local therapist or psychiatrist. From then on, you will have to check in monthly for a brief consultation with our doctors to receive your refill but don’t worry, we will remind you via text when it is time to check in.

Does K Health offer discounts on drugs?

Yes! Show your K Health drug discount card (located in the app menu) to your pharmacist and ask to check the GoodRx discount price in addition to your insurance or Medicare plan price. Then select the option with the lowest cost and save money. To see the prices before picking up the medication, visit goodrx.com and search for the best drug prices at your nearest pharmacies.


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